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Your Money & Profit

Good Morning it’s Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips!

Today we are going to talk about your money and profit. So write this down, what your goal for this year is, in terms of income, and then I want you to subtract the other income that you have coming into the household, outside of the income you are earning selling real estate.

Now, next I want you to subtract any personal expenses, business expense, and other obligations, and lets not forget about your taxes. See the number that is left over is the number to spend or save, or to do whatever you want to do with it. But what is that number? And what is it that you would like to spend it on?

You see I often find agents that earn just what they need to get by and then they coast, often because they do not have a clearly defined plan or goal for what they are going to do with the extra profit that they earn. This often causes complacency. So again spend it on paper, write down every dime of it, every dime should be ear marked for a particular use. Whether that’s savings, donations, investing in the business.

Once you identify a clear need for the money you earn, it’s a lot more likely that you will keep pushing through to get there. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you on the next daily tips.

If you are a real estate agent or broker that is looking to for more insight and direction on how to get more listings, sell more homes to your investors, and work with more buyers, then this podcast is just for you!

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