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What To Mail To Your Geographic Farm

Hi, it’s Debbie and welcome to Debbie Tips. I got a message this week and I thought it’d be good for us to talk about today. The question was, “Debbie, I’ve heard you talk about being a wise advisor in your marketing to your geographic farm and to your past clients and sphere. But what exactly should I be mailing?” In other words, they were asking me if it was okay to still be mailing out things like a calendar on the local sporting events, a recipe card, or dropping off pumpkins or 4th of July flags. Their point was, I know that’s not really sending anything that’s making me shine as a wise advisor, but it is getting my name out there. Well, and it’s fine. I mean, it doesn’t hurt you. Well, I should take that back. I did hear a story last 4th of July that caused a bit of damage.

An agent told me that they got a bright idea to pass out happy 4th of July door hangers in their geographic farm, and they thought it’d be really cool to attach a sparkler to the door hanger. Well, if they’d been coaching with us, I would have told him that’s a not a good idea because every action has a reaction. So guess what happened? All the little kids in the neighborhood dug lighters out of the junk drawer in the kitchen, and they were running around with lighters and sparklers in the neighborhood. Not a good idea. Right? So that might have hurt them a bit. But generally speaking, stuff that just gets your name out there, it won’t hurt you, but it also won’t necessarily help you. And it can be expensive.

Now for example we’re here in Orange County, California, my daughters went to Mater Dei High School. If you guys watch sports, you’ve probably heard of Mater Dei, they’re obsessed with sports at that school. So if I was sending to the neighborhood around Mater Dei, a sports calendar, they might really love it. That might be a good thing to do.

So there will be situations where it would make sense, but for the most part, what I’d like to encourage you to mail is things that are helpful resources. For example, we give our coaching clients consumer guides on topics such as how to move up, how to downsize with distinction, selling your home through divorce, buying your first home, buying an investment, etc. And those are educational books that our clients offer via postcards, they offer through Facebook ads, and then when a consumer see that great information and they raise their hand and say, yes, I would like a copy of that, then we shine as wise advisors by providing relevant content about the conversations that might be going on in their minds.

This way we’re using our marketing dollars wisely, because we’re offering bait that they want. Bait that they will bite on. So I’m not saying that it’s bad to send a sports calendar. However I am saying it’s bad to send a postcard saying it’s time to change your clocks. You guys have heard me talk about this before, but I think they already know to change their clocks, right?

So think about your marketing dollars. What’s the point you’re trying to make? What’s the impression you’re trying to make? And is that going to set up some lead bait that will cause them to bite and reach out to you? If you need some more examples or some help with that, just email me debbie@excelleum.com, and I’ll make sure you get invited to one of our upcoming marketing webinars.

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