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What Sellers Really Want

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips.

I wanted to answer an interesting question that came in to me today.

Someone asked, “Debbie, what do sellers really want from me when I go out on a listing appointment?”

This is a great question. Often here at Excelleum, the coaches and I say to clients, let’s enter the conversation that’s going on in the mind of the prospect. Let’s not push our agenda at them, instead, let’s meet them where they’re at. So if we think about it that way, what does the seller really want from us?

First of all, they want to be heard. They want us to listen to their goals, their dreams, their wishes. They want to tell us about their property. They want us to appreciate their property. They want us to be the champion of their home, of their value, and they want to know that you’re going to fight for them.

Next, they want to hear about the marketing. What are the things you’re going to do to bring exposure to the property, but to also deliver that right buyer? And for all of you listening to or reading this, if you think about emphasizing the proactive marketing methods, you can also get a little bit away from some of the heavy spend. Because now you’re showing them that it’s not just about running ads in a magazine, it’s about the proactive things you do to go out and find the ideal buyer.

And let’s be sure that you’re leveraging the tools and the resources that your company provides and always thinking too, that whatever feature or tool we’re presenting, we’re going to need to also answer the question, what benefit does this provide to the seller? Because to everything you say, often they’re thinking, so what does that mean to me?

Of course they want to know a little bit about you and your track record. For those of you who have a great track record, leverage the power of that. For those of you who do not have a big track record, leverage the power of the track record of your company. Use what you’ve got.

After that, are we going to be able to prove to them that everything we say we’ll do, we’ll actually do? Absolutely. The proof would be in your reviews and your testimonials.

So here’s what they really want to know, to sum it up.

That you’re on their side, defending their home, defending its value.

They want to know who you are and what you bring to the table and if they feel comfortable working with you.

They want to know a little bit about what are you actually going to do to market their home and find their ideal buyer.

And last but not least, they want some reassurance or proof that you will actually keep those promises and keep those commitments.

So think about it from their perspective.

Walk a mile in their shoes, enter the conversation in their mind and make sure that when you’re there at that meeting, that it’s very engaging and interactive and they feel that you are really listening.

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