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What is a contact exactly?

Good morning and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. So, the question to answer today is…

Q: What is a contact exactly?

A:         Well, for the purposes of our coaching and our coaching clients we consider a contact a conversation that is live. So you either have to be looking at them and talking to them or you’re on the phone with them. I’m not saying mailing or emailing or texting is wrong, but when we’re talking about making 20 contacts that means actually speaking to people. Then you can still do all the rest of the activities around that but I really want you to go out and see the people.

Alright so, contact, a live conversation with a decision-making adult. Now, they may hang up on you, they may close the door, they may not talk with you but you had that attempted conversation and they count as a contact. Thank you and have a great day I’ll talk to you soon.


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