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Talent Is Overrated

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips.

I was thinking about something as I was reading a book this weekend called, Talent is Overrated.

Is it truly the natural born talent that separates the super achievers in the real estate industry from those who don’t achieve the success they deserve?

After 20 years of coaching and over 80,000 coaching calls, I believe that while talent is great and it’s incredible to be a natural, what I notice to be consistent when it comes to top achievers and top producers is drive and determination.

Sometimes people who are super talented are content to rest on the laurels that their talent will pull them through, leading them to possibly be a little bit lazy at times about doing the work.

They may not always put in the effort to laying the foundation, practicing skills, to showing up and doing the things that they need to do even when they don’t feel like it.

However a person who is very driven and very goal oriented seems to always find a way.

So if you don’t feel like you’re a natural born salesperson, don’t worry about it.

Because I also read there’s only about 2% of the population that would be considered natural born for anything. The rest is just a learned habit.

So practice your drive and discipline.

In fact, one of my clients calls it being rigorous.

It’s time to be rigorous about the activities today to achieve the goal that I have set.

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