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Structures And Systems To Build Your Real Estate Business

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips.

There is something I keep hearing. I hear it as I travel across the country, and I’ve already heard it three or four times this week. “I need systems for my business.”

Great top producing agents are making terrific money, and yet they’re saying, “I’m not sure where that next deal is going to come from. I hope I achieve my goal, but how do I create this predictable machine that delivers the same amount of production, month after month after month? I need to be sure this gets me towards that ultimate annual goal that I have set.”

This is probably one of the biggest challenges of the real estate business.

In the book the E-Myth, which Michael Gerber wrote years ago, he talks about the entrepreneurial myth. Just because somebody, for example, is a great pie maker, doesn’t mean there’ll be a great pie shop owner. So there’s a difference between being an entrepreneur and being a technician. The real estate business attracts entrepreneurs.

I want you to ask yourself, are you truly building a business?

There needs to be structures and systems for everything you do, so that you can fine tune those structures and systems to create a predictable process.

Next, there needs to be at least three to five methods of lead generation. I always encourage agents to start first with their three best methods. This is common sense, going to areas that you’re already good at and closing the gaps. When you have your three methods dialed in and running like a machine, you add a fourth and even a fifth.

Running a successful business includes tracking your numbers. Both your conversion numbers, money and financials, profitability. We need to track our numbers because businesses measure profit.

Also, I want you I think about increasing your opt-in list.

Now, there’s a difference between leads and contacts and connections. I know an agent that has 20,000 people in his e-marketing list. Now, some of those people, a much smaller number, are receiving mailings and phone calls.

But then there’s this nice large group that are just the community connections that his team has collected over time, that they e-market to. And you know what? They get seven to nine listings a month, often from people they don’t even know or remember.

So think about yourself as a business. Run your business as a business.

If you need some help, reach out to us. Our coaches are experts at creating a business that is yours, unique and alone, your custom success blueprint.

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