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Spend More Time Prospecting New Business

Often salespeople entering the business are unrealistic about what it takes to be successful and hit their goals. The sales business is a numbers game and most salespeople don’t put themselves in front of enough people each day to achieve the goals they have set. They don’t have a strategic approach to maximizing all of the possibilities in each of their sources.

Let’s perform a quick analysis of your business. Take a minute and write down all of your key sources of business. Next list how many sales/gross revenue you generate from each of these sources on average weekly, monthly or annually.

Now make a list of everything you do to work each of these sources. Ask yourself, “Are you truly digging in deep and doing everything possible that you could do in order to maximize the potential business from that source?”

If you’re like most salespeople you’ll have to admit that you could be more efficient in how you work your key sources. That means there is untapped potential, so if you step up your game you can create additional sales and possibly without a lot of extra effort or expense. Next, I want you to write down what 2-3 new things you must do for each source to fully extract all of the available potential business that there is to get.

Once you’ve strategized your plan for your current sources, you can move on to analyze what opportunities that your business or market is presenting that you’re not taking advantage of.

Set your daily prospecting goal, block it in your schedule, and stick with it.

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