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Simple Lead Generation

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. I wonder, are you making your lead generation harder than it needs to be?

Here’s what I mean. Do you have all of your past clients and your leads and your database on some type of automated email campaign? Do you have your A’s and AAA’s separated out where you direct mail to them? Are you texting, are you sly voicemailing? Are you inviting them to events? In addition, are you letting those out and about in the community know that you’re in real estate by wearing a name tag or a branded polo shirt when you’re out at the soccer field or at the grocery store? Or maybe a t-shirt with a company logo when you’re at the gym? Because see, if you’re a secret agent, it’s hard for them to find you.

But if you’re marketing consistently, we call it the web of connections, and if you’re out there wearing that career apparel, people will just come up to you. I see some agents that are still using car signs. I also see a lot of people that reach out to us to say, you know, I’m part of groups, whether it’s a PTA or a mom’s club, or I’m the head coach of my son’s football team, but I don’t meet anyone. I don’t convert any leads. Well, we have to make sure that somehow, they’re constantly and graciously reminded you’re in business. And then we also have to look and listen for those conversations and those opportunities. You can step in and contribute, step in and share an answer to a question. You can talk about something exciting that just happened in the real estate industry or that you just read.

So just think about this. You do things that change people’s lives every day. What you provide is an incredibly valuable service. But sadly, if they don’t know you’re in the business, then you won’t get to help them. So yes, you’d like to make more money and we want to help more people. So be proud of what you do. Talk about what you do. Provide interesting and relevant quality information, because guess what? People absolutely love to know about real estate. So no secret agents! Go out there and talk to the people. Or as Zig Ziglar used to say, see the people. All right, talk to you soon.

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