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Preparation for Prospecting

Proper preparation will make it far more likely that you will have a successful prospecting session.

Plan your lead generation the night before. Plan out who you will call, then have your plan and numbers ready. This eliminates wasting time and energy getting ready to be productive in the morning.

Set aside time each morning before you begin prospecting to practice your scripts. Mastery of the scripts will boost your confidence and this activity is a great warm up for your day. Make a list of the 5-10 key objections you hear the most and have 2-3 responses for each. When you know that you’re prepared with the answers to any objection you’re much more likely to prospect because you know that there is nothing to fear.

Accountability partners are a terrific way to stay on track. I advise that you set one up for each day. If you’re competitive like most salespeople, consider creating a contest or competition as a fun way to keep yourself inspired to prospect. Track and log your efforts and results so that you can determine your personal efficiency ratio. For example: How many calls do you need to make to set an appointment? How many appointments do you need to equal a sale?

Once you’re aware of your efficiency ratio you can work to improve it. This ratio will let you know how to set more realistic goals and action plans. It will also help you fine tune and perfect your schedule.

It’s okay to be a little anxious or fearful, those are normal pre-prospecting jitters. Just don’t let them stop you. That’s why most aggressive prospectors have a strong morning routine that includes exercise, practice, and review of their goals. All of this helps them get focused and ready to roll.

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