Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Excelleum Different and Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How are you different from other coaching companies?

Actually there are 3 critical areas in which we differ

1)  Debbie the owner and founder was actually herself a top producing agent closing personal transactions without a team of over 150+ deals a year for many, many years.  She was also a manager, recruiter and a sought out coach to the coaches.  Debbie’s husband and daughters are also licensed and active agents which means she brings a straight from the street approach to coaching and that is why we have some clients who report 25-50% improvement in their first year.
2)  Debbie has personally conducted over the last 20 years well over 60,000 private coaching calls and had perfected the customized coaching approach and will only accept coaches who have decades of actual real estate and coaching experience and she then continues to rigorously train them so that we can keep our clients one step ahead of the competition.
3)  While Debbie is considered to be one of the top coaches in the industry she does not believe in a guru style of coaching instead she believes in a faculty approach which means when you coach with us you have the opportunity to work with our entire faculty of experienced coaches (over 1500 years of combined experience) and Debbie herself conducts your first call to ensure you get off to a strong start.
Only Debbie selects your primary coach, she insure the match and will re match you if you are not satisfied and we are do confident in our results that we offer an action guarantee which allows you to feel comfortable knowing that if after reasonable commitment to the program you do not feel it is for you there is an opportunity to exit.
We are not looking to be a machine for the masses we are looking instead to focus on a select group of serious agents who are open minded to growth and ready for help.

Below Are Answers To More Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a coach.

We hear this a lot.

Yet, if you already have a coach that you’re 100% satisfied with, why are you at our site now? It’s very common that people sign up for coaching and they’re not really sure what are they signing up for. Other times, after they get started with a coach they find out that their coach isn’t really qualified to help them get where they need to be.

If you’re happy with your coaching experience, good for you! Continue with it. There’s no need to change. However, if you’re not satisfied and you’re looking for a change or if you’re seeking an additional coach, talk to us.

What makes us unique is in our approach to coaching. Everything we do is customized to you, your needs and what will take you to the next level of success. What you end up with is your own custom blueprint.

We won’t force you to fit you into a box, or a process that may not be right for you.

When you reach out to us, one of our coaches will respond to you; not a sales person. They’ll conduct a complimentary consultation to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

I already have too much business.

First off, maybe you don’t need a coach.

Although, I would ask you, are you 100% satisfied with the performance of your staff and your team? What about your systems and processes? Are they streamlined, duplicateable and predictable? What about your life? Do you have free time? Do you even get a day off?

Many of our top producing clients come to us, not because they aren’t satisfied with their production, but they’re not satisfied with the quality of their life. They know that there is potential inside of their team and their staff that they’re not maximizing.

When we examine your team, first we look to their areas of strength. We look at the processes that they’re using to create business in that area. Then we examine how we can go deeper

When you come to us, we will analyze your business, your systems and your team. If you would like, we’ll even fly to you. We do a complete assessment. We look forward to talking to you and finding ways to make your life better, your team more productive, and increase your profits. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

I don’t have time for a coach.

Often our clients come to us and say “I’m so busy, how can I possibly have time for coaching?”

That’s one of the reasons they need coaching. The very first thing we do with clients who say they are busy, overworked and overwhelmed, is we start to look at what’s actually going on in their business and in their life.

One things we often discover is that because they are dynamic, exciting and entrepreneurial people, they’re overcommitting. They’re saying yes to things because they’re the one that people think will get the project done. We look at how to get rid of some of those spinning plates. We narrow it down to the key things that are important to them and that are important to their business?

Our Performance Plus coaching, which is our personal one-on-one program, is only 36 hours a year (Our Black Diamond is 46 hours). In that time investment, we’re going to help you take back your life. We’re not going to overwhelm you because we understand that in this process you need to spend time with your clients. Our goal is to help you move your day to a point where 80% of your time is spent on billable activities; eye to eye, ear to ear with customers, generating revenue.

Call us at (714) 625-5226.

Coaching hasn’t worked for me in the past.

I’m not surprised. The reason I say that is there are many coaching companies out there who have one method or system and they look to fit everyone into that ‘box.’

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re very unique. Your business, your market, has different twists and turns. It’s very common that when they try to put you in a box with everyone else that it is not going to be a good fit.

Another reason that coaching may not have worked in the past is that many coaches lack industry experience.

I started working in real estate while I was still in high school. Now, with 32 years experience in the industry, 16 years of it coaching with over 52,000 completed coaching calls, I understand how critical it is that any coach that works with me has to have many, many layers of business and industry experience.

In fact, if they don’t have at least 10 years, full time experience in the industry, I do not hire them. Each and every one of them are trained by me. Every call and every file is overlooked and discussed with me. We want to make sure that as a team, we’re helping you grow.

I would say that if coaching didn’t work for you before, most likely it wasn’t your fault. Wrong Program. Wrong Coach. Maybe even the wrong time in your life. Now it’s time to make an investment in something that will work for you and we’re here to help you.Call us at (714) 625-5226.

Why does your coaching cost more?

Why are we more expensive? Quite simply, we’re better at it.

I have a higher caliber of coaches which of course means it costs more to bring in that type of talent to give you what you need.

Also, we invest more time. The average coaching company only offers forty 30-minute calls a year; which is only 20 hours of coaching a year. Our program gives you 36 hours of private coaching (46 hours if you are in Black Diamond) and unlimited access to your coach in between the calls.

Some of those other companies will load their coaches up with 60, 70 even 80 clients that they have to speak to every week. Our coaches won’t take more than 30 so that they can be available when you need them.

Bottom line, we’re better because you do get more time. We’re also better because we have the skills to get you where you need to be- faster. Talk to us. Within the first 30 minutes of speaking to one of the coaches, you will clearly see the difference. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

My market is different. How can your coaches help me?

Each market does have some unique nuances and differences and yet where your coach is located is not necessarily a factor. We coach clients all across North America.

If you ask me what’s going on in the market in Nashville, Tennessee, or Alaska, Toronto, or Manhattan, I know because I’m talking to clients all across North America.

I will say though that I’m very careful to choose coaches that are located in highly competitive market places. You know that old saying “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.” If they can sell Real Estate in some of the most competitive markets in the nation, working with you in your market won’t be harder than what they are used to.

What we’ve noticed is when we take tools and techniques from markets that are highly competitive and apply them to a market that’s not too aggressive… wow… the coaching client just blows the doors off their market.

That’s exactly why we don’t just “assign” you a coach. We do a consult and we have you speak with a coach that will match up with your market perfectly. If you don’t feel it’s a great fit, you talk to me. We’ll start the process again until we find the coach that’s a great match for what you do. I know you‘ll be satisfied, our clients always are. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

How did Debbie become a coach? What’s her background?

Debbie De Grote featured in Real Estate SalesPeople. Click the magazine to read the entire article.

Debbie De Grote featured in Real Estate SalesPeople. Click the magazine to read the entire article.

I started selling Real Estate at the age of 18…

Actually, at the age of 17 I decided that I needed to sell Real Estate so that I could save enough money to go to college since my parents didn’t have the funds to send me. I thought I wanted to be an attorney.

I got a job as a receptionist in a Real Estate office. The minute I turned 18, I took the real estate agent test, passed it and I never looked back. Real Estate was just a passion.

By the time I was 21, I was awarded the #1 agent in LA and Orange County for Century 21; and was ranked in the top 10 in the nation by Century 21 International. I sold, on average, 150+ homes a year. That was before the concept of teams. (I don’t know why we never figured out the team concept!)

That was me working 16 hours a day with one assistant. My volume attracted attention. Because of the volume, because of my age, people would call me and they’d ask, “Will you coach me?” “Will you come speak at our office?” “Can I buy you lunch?” “What do you do?” “Can I shadow you?”’ I found that I enjoyed working and building agents almost as much as I enjoyed selling.

When my twin daughters were born I knew I couldn’t work 16 hours a day anymore. I was offered a position to join a growing coaching company. What was great was that I was given top agents from all over the country to work with.

I came across all types of situations: mortgage, title, Realtors, teams, new agents, veterans, coaches to train, etc. This really honed and perfected my coaching skills. I did go on to be the Vice President of the coaching division for a couple of years.

In real estate, I’ve spent the first 16 years selling houses. The last 16 years have been all about working with great sales people; whether it’s real estate, escrow, title, mortgage, inside and outside sales people. That’s now my passion.

Again, I discovered it by accident and yet it was just such a perfect fit after 16 years of being in the street. It also helped me understand who I needed to hire to be my coaches so that they could deliver that type of experience for you. I love selling.

People ask me, “How do you stay enthusiastic and energetic about the whole business after all these years?” It’s because I’m always learning new things.

I’ll talk to you soon. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

Coaching costs too much.

What will not coaching costing you?

What does it cost you with the sales opportunities that you miss or lose? What about the presentations where they don’t choose you? What our clients often find is often just that one transaction will pay for a whole year of coaching with us. (Depending on your market, maybe it’ll take two.)

Many of our clients find that after one single coaching session with us, they are able to change their business in such a way that they can create additional revenue. From just one call, the ideas pay for an entire year of coaching.

One of my clients, before they signed up, said to me, “Well, I think I need to lead with revenue first. I think I need more money before I sign up for coaching.” I happen to know that they had kids in college. I said are your children leading with revenue? “What do you mean? Of course not. They’re in college and then they’re going to graduate and then they’ll get a job and then they’ll pay the students loans.”

I said, “Well aren’t you worth the same investment?” You can keep doing what you do over and over again and continue getting the same results. Or you can hire a coach and we can fine tune what you do and take you to that next level quickly. Can you afford not to have us? Give us a call. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

Who are your typical clients?

If I had to say what is typical about my clients, it would be that they’re all extremely committed to being the best in the business that they can be. They’re dedicated to what it takes to be even better.

After that, there is nothing typical about my clients. They can be a brand new up and coming agent that approaches real estate as if they’re launching a new business. Often, they’re college graduates and they’ve set aside money to market and promote themselves: they’re very serious.

Then we have teams. Big teams with great staff and agents that want to do better.

Then we often have luxury agents. That’s one of our specialties. Many of our clients sell homes to the rich and famous. That’s a unique niche.

Also, resort market agents. That is a unique and difficult type of prospecting.

Then we coach other industries and corporations, inside/outside sales people. This could include mortgage, title, escrow, etc.

While our clients are not typical, what they do share is their passion and their commitment to growth. Out coaches mirror that in our commitment to you. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

You coach industries other than real estate. How can you coach in an industry you’ve never worked in?

The companies that hire me, they hire me because I’ve never worked in their industry.

They’re looking for a fresh perspective. They’re looking for a new approach.

When I approach a new corporation, what I do first is I study everything about them. What they sell. What they do. The people inside the organization. I absorb their culture. I interview the sales people. I interview top to bottom, the management.

In fact with the battery company I’ve been training for 5 years, I actually put on the uniform, got in the truck, and rode the route for a couple of days with the sales people to see and experience what they saw out in the field every day.

Once I absorb the culture, then I create a training proposal. We review that together and we tweak and fine tune it until we have a unique training program custom tailored to your own needs.

I don’t bring a standard, off the shelf kit and say, “Here’s my corporate training kit.” I create your own program. Your own materials. I even write scripts for you. I’ve written scripts for most of my corporate clients and they love them. When I take the words to sell a $10 million property and apply that to selling a battery, you can sell a lot of batteries.

Talk to me about your needs. Let’s customize something that will really help your people achieve the sales success that you know is possible for them. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

How can you coach loan officers when you’ve never done a loan?

It is true. I’ve never ever closed a loan. However, in having closed on over 3,000 home sales, almost all of them have needed a loan. I know what agents, lenders and home buyers need to hear.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve coached many mortgage professionals. With the market changing as it is today, you already know it is time to attack the purchase market. This means you have to brush off those skills and get out and build your Real Estate agent connections; that’s where I come in.

What I help you with is how to create a game plan to connect with the agents to stand out against the masses of LO’s that are going after their business. Also, how to bring value to those agents so that they want to work with you. How to lock in and cement their loyalty.

I also help you master time management. I’ll give you the right words and when to use them. I share my very powerful, cutting edge scripts for mortgage professionals. Both for talking to your borrowers and for talking to your real estate agent prospects. Our mortgage clients also find that we’re valuable to them because we know a lot of great real estate agents in the industry.

When you think about it, this business really is all about connections. I find that I’m able to connect my loan officers with great agents and great companies that then makes them money and more than pays for the coaching.

Talk to us and I think once you see what we have to offer for the mortgage industry, you’ll be convinced that if you’re going to have a coach why not have a coach that actually understands the prospects that you’re going after. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

How can your coaching benefit a mortgage company?

Many large mortgage companies reach out to me because of their two major needs.

First, they need to recruit. For this, they need systems, processes and scripts to recruit quality loan officers.

Second, they need training for these loan officers. They need to get them on a schedule. Teach them scripts. Teach them how to prospect. Help them create their agent business. I do this in combination of onsite trainings, private coaching for select agents, and group coaching over the phone (or group coaching in person).

It’s quite affordable when you think about the impact that it has across the talent pool in your organization. If each and every one of them can grow their business, it creates a substantial increase in profits.

I look forward to getting to know you, your company and your team. I’ll customize the tools and programs that you need to help them attack the purchase market today. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

What is the benefit to hiring you?

The biggest benefit that a corporation has when they hire me is that I come to them with them as a blank slate. In other words, I leave my opinions and my preconceived ideas at the door.

I sit down with them and I truly absorb who they are, what they do and what the goals are that they have for their company.

I often find that they have a dysfunctional culture where one of the things they need me to bring to them is methods and processes to pull those staff members and team members together and have them inspired to work as a team.

The process grows and evolves. I don’t preset a game plan. We do it one session at a time so that each time we do a new session it’s very specifically addressing the current needs of the team. That makes it easy to turn on a dime because we’re creating as we go.

One of my clients calls it “Organic Training” because we ask for input from the people participating, as well as the management, and we all create the program together. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

What makes your team unique?

First of all, I have an incredible marketing team which is why you’re watching this video right now. In addition to my incredible marketing team, I have a VP of Operations who is a high touch customer service concierge so that we’re sure that you’re getting everything you should be getting out of the program.

I believe in hiring and growing young talent. At any given time we have at least two college interns on staff. They bring next generation ideas, enthusiasm and synergy.

We also have phenomenal coaches. We have a resort market coach. We have a luxury market coach. We have a coach that has had to move and rebuild her business now three times. (So if she can do it she can certainly teach you to do it.) We have coaches that come out of some of the most aggressive markets in the nation.

My coaches also know what is working in terms of the tools, marketing, and all the toys that are out there because they have tried them. They can tell you what to buy, what to avoid and how to use what you’ve got.

At the same time, we’re always looking for new talent. We’re always looking to upgrade inside of our team our skills and our commitment to you. When you meet anyone on my team, you will be impressed. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

How can I be a coach for you?

What does it take to be one of my coaches? It takes a lot.

I’d love to talk with you. I will tell you right up front, it’s not an easy process. One of the first things we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about your background and your skills. And then we’re going to test them.

We’re also going to look at your reputation and your integrity in the industry. Then I’m going to have a serious heart to heart with you about exactly how demanding and how challenging it is to be a truly great coach. The commitment level that I expect from my coaches is extremely high so I’m not going to talk you into it. In fact, I’ll try to talk you out of it. Once you hear what it takes to be a coach and you believe you have the passion to be one of the best coaches in the industry, then I will work with you personally to train you. So if you think it’s for you, reach out, give me a call at (714) 625-5226.

What’s in the complimentary coaching call?

When you sign up for a complimentary coaching call with one of our coaches here’s what happens:

First of all, my team will send you a pre-coaching questionnaire. It’s really important that you take a minute and fill that out. Our coach wants to make this call as valuable as possible. So when we have some information in front of us about you, your business, and your goals, we can really accomplish a lot in that session together.

Second, my team will also look you up online. We’ll go and check out your bio, your team if you have one, and we’ll look at your website. We want to be sure that we have a sense of who you are. Then, when you join the coach on the call, they’re going to ask you a series of questions. Our goal is to make sure that not only do you leave that call excited about coaching with us but that you leave that call also with some great tools and techniques that you can take and implement immediately.

I do want you to know that this will truly be a business consult, not just a sales promotion. Of course, at the end of the call, the coach is going to ask you to join us. Call us at (714) 625-5226.