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Lead Follow Up

Lead Follow Up

Today we are going to talk about lead follow up. What I want you to remember is that probably about 70% of your business is going to come from your lead follow up.

I had at least 5 agents yesterday admit that while they are prospecting and they are working, they are not consistent in their lead follow up, which is really a shame. Because if you think about it, why work so hard and then not follow up?

What I would encourage you to do today is clean house on your leads. I find often people don’t call their leads because they have too many or too many bad ones.

Once you clean them up now time block in your schedule everyday to call them.

I know it’s great to come in and do your prospecting first, but if you are extremely challenged with your lead follow up, you may want to call your leads first thing in the morning and then move into your prospecting.

Ideally, you should block at least 30min to an hour a day. If it’s taking more than an hour, maybe you have too many leads and you may want to tighten your criteria for what you call a lead.

Also you may want to block 30 minutes one or two evenings a week and 30 minutes on a Saturday morning. Remember, your goal is to convert them as soon as possible and convert them aggressively. “I am calling to find out if you are ready to get your home on the market and get it sold. I have a little bit of time next week, how about Thursday?”

Move them forward now; leads are not like fine wine they don’t age well.

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