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How can I improve my response on Expired #148

By January 8, 2016 February 19th, 2018 No Comments

How can I improve my response on Expired

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. What I thought I would do for the next series of tips is answer some of the questions that have been sent in to me via email.

So we’ll start with today…

Q: How can I improve my response on expireds? (Getting connected to them and getting a valid appointment)

A:         Well, a few things whether it be for an expired or a for sale by owner or really any prospect group that you guys may be working with I think it’s important to identify as quickly as we can is it a real condition or is it an objection? Sometimes that sounds simple but sometimes it’s not that simple because often people will tell you what they want to tell you to get rid of you. But are they actually telling the truth?

For example, if I walk into a department store and a sales person says, “Can I help you?” often the first thing we say is, “No we’re just looking,” even when we are there to buy something. So the fact that they tell me they’re no longer going to move, doesn’t cause me to assume that they’re telling the truth. I’m going to dig a little more deeply with my questions and then, of course, I’m going to look to find out if they are not a now possibility are they someone that would be valid for me to continue to follow up with?

One thing I never want to do with a prospect is make them feel wrong, make them feel confronted so really no matter what they say I’ll acknowledge or approve. “I completely understand, sorry if I bothered you in your day and you know, I just want to check in and see what you’re planning to do. May I ask, do you think you would try again in the future?” If they say that they might I would then ask them, “When do they think that would be?” Let’s say for example they say, “Not until the end of the school year.” Then I’m going to ask them, “Well, would you want to just be getting the home on the market at that time or actually having it sold in June?”

So again I am clarifying their time frame and then I’m going to continue to ask questions. “If you thought that there would be a financial advantage to selling it sooner, is there any way at all that you might be able to do that?” Now of course they may tell me “no.” They may say, “Its just so far away where we are moving we can’t drive back and forth, but we can list in May, move in June or July, but we’re absolutely not going to do it before.” Okay, so probably this is a very clear condition. So if I know it’s a condition I’m going to ask them if they would be open at that time to interviewing agents. And, if I stay in touch and I do a good job in keeping them informed, would they at least commit to giving me the opportunity to meet with them? Because, you see, I don’t want to just throw them in my lead pile and waste time on them if they are not even open and receptive to having a future conversation with me.

Alright guys, so, feel free to email me additional questions you might have. I hope today’s tip was helpful and I’ll talk to you on the next daily Debbie’s tips.

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