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Getting The Referrals You Deserve

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about referrals. We all love referrals and want more referrals, and yet sometimes you wonder, why do my friends, my family, my raving fan clients, not give me the referrals I deserve?

A couple of reasons for this could be possible.

One, they just might not be the connector type. There are certain people who are very proactive about helping, but others are a little shy or timid to bring it up. So it could be just their personality type.

Also, often we can give the impression that we’re so busy and so successful, potentially they think that you don’t need them. It could also be that they’re not completely clear on all the market areas that you service. Along that same line, they might not be aware of all the price points that you cover.

So let’s make sure that you talk to them about how much you value and appreciate the referrals, and how you love to build your business working with the people you know and their friends and family, that you’re passionate about it.

Also, let them know the geography that you cover. In fact, some of our clients simply say, “I’m licensed in the state of X.” And of course, let them know that whether it’s a condo or a mansion, you are there to help.

Be sure to tell them how to deliver those referrals to you.

I always used to say to clients, “I so appreciate it if you will mention my name and give them my number.”

But sometimes they’re just a little bit too shy to do so.

In that case you could try saying, “Why don’t you do this for me? If you’ll call me or text me their information, I’ll be happy to reach out, because I want to make sure they’re well taken care of.”

Make it a great day and go get those referrals!

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