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Four Key Areas of Focus

  • Take care of your existing customers- new business is wonderful and necessary, however it’s a lot harder to win new customers than it is to keep those that you already have. Commit to raising the bar on your communication skills and levels of service and always look to exceed their expectations in every way possible.
  • Get the right people on your team! Look at your staff and support team, are you utilizing them to their fullest potential? Are you clearly communicating your needs and expectations and are you delegating everything you can delegate?
  • Stop being a “secret salesperson” and find low key ways to let everyone you meet know what you do, then add them to your database. Get yourself out there by networking and meeting and greeting more business people. Ask the individuals you already know and currently do business with to help you meet and network with the people they know. This business is all about great connections- make some!
  • Manage your time effectively- it is your most precious commodity so don’t waste it. Work with a sense of urgency and add more billable time/income producing activities to your day. Then go home and have a wonderful life.

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