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Building and Working Your Database

What would your business be like if you doubled and tripled your database over the course of the next year or two? Can you imagine how much you would enjoy your job if you never had to cold prospect ever again? Well, do something about it!

This is Your Database Action List:

  1. Purge and clean up the list you already have.
  2. Put your lists in an easy to use contact management system and carefully schedule your mailings, emails, and follow up calls so that they are automatic.
  3. Comb through your cell phone contacts, checkbook, and credit card statements to determine who you know and who you do business with that are not on your list. Add them.
  4. Create an “A List” of your top 25 contacts who will do more business with you or are a great source of referrals. Treat them like gold! Tell them how much you appreciate them and how much you need their help in growing your business. If they love you, they will help you!
  5. Set a plan for how often you will call your A List.
  6. Make a B List that can be called less often but still need a plan.
  7. Then make a C List that can also be managed by your team and possibly these contacts only receive an email drip or mail.
  8. Determine your marketing campaign. Email drips are great, however a very small portion of your database will receive them or even read them. For your quality clients, a few touches a year by physical mail is best to ensure you stay on the top of their minds.
  9. Set a sensible action plan for how often you should call them and provide them with value. On every call ask them for referrals.
  10. Up your game in terms of your service. Your goal should be to create raving fans.
  11. Say “thank you” a lot, and certainly at the close of the deal!
  12. Look for opportunities to ask your contacts for referrals. When you’ve just delivered great news, or solved a major problem for them- those are the perfect times to ask!
  13. If you have a newsletter or other valuable information that you send out, ask who they know that might also enjoy receiving it. When they give you new contact information call the person, introduce yourself, and ask their permission to add them to your information loop.
  14. Put yourself out there; network, watch for new businesses opening up in the area, and look for opportunities to be in front of large groups of people that can be good potential prospects for you.
  15. Always add additional notes and client information to each client record. The more you know about them the more valuable the database becomes.
  16. Find ways to make them feel special, send them birthday cards, holiday cards, and tokens of esteem. Connect them to others who could help them in their business. Refer to your notes when calling them so that you can focus the conversation on things that are important to them.
  17. Keep it all about them, while they may want to know a little about you, but not much. What people think about 95% of the day is themselves so if you want them to love you, keep it all about them.
  18. Keep your promises and commitments and don’t promise things you can’t deliver. We aren’t perfect, yet you and your team should strive for perfection.


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