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Asking Quality Questions

As professional salespeople, our goal is to help solve our customer’s problems and give them the level of service that they need, want, and deserve.

There is only one-way to truly do this well- ask a lot of questions.

When you ask quality questions a number of good things happen:

1)              They feel special.

2)              Your questions stimulate their thinking.

3)              You gain valuable information.

4)              You identify their pain and hot buttons.

5)              They naturally open up to you more.

Because we cannot rely on our natural ability to ask powerful questions in selling situations, let’s stack the deck in your favor. To ensure that you enter your next selling situation armed with quality questions take a few minutes before your meeting or call and write down 3-5 questions on an index card that would be appropriate for you to ask your customer. It will only take a minute to write them down and it will help you connect with your customer a lot more effectively than if you were to just go in and start your “pitch.” As you adopt this practice you’ll find that you no longer have to do so much heavy lifting and the whole interaction turns from a hard sell situation to a consultative conversation.

As you write down your 3-5 questions ask yourself these important things:

1)              Exactly what do I want to gain by asking these questions?

2)              Who will I be asking the questions to?

3)              How do I need to adapt my questions to fit with their personality style?

4)              What do I hope to help them self-discover?

5)              What is the right time in the presentation to ask my questions?

6)              Where am I hoping to lead them?

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