About Debbie De Grote

Debbie De Grote is the Owner and Founder of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting, which has been ranked by Inc. 5,000 for two consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. She is also an author, keynote speaker, and a preferred Coach to many large companies and brands.

Debbie began her career in Real Estate at the age of 18 and within a few short years was one of the top agents in the nation closing over 156 units annually. This was her own personal production which she achieved with the assistance of only one administrative assistant.  Debbie continually posted high annual sales numbers for more than 16 years, closing over 3,000 transactions in her career.

At the peak of her career Debbie was awarded the Hall of Fame award by Century 21. In fact, Debbie was the first agent in the Century 21 system to achieve this award. In addition to her sales career she also managed a large office, assisted in recruiting efforts, and wrote strategic plans and launched new office locations for two large brokers in the Orange County area.

Debbie’s extensive background attracted many opportunities to speak, train and consult with others, which is how she discovered her passion for coaching.

Over the last 20 years Debbie has been considered one of the top Coaches in the Real Estate industry, coaching some of the most elite salespeople and brokers in North America, as well as mortgage, title, escrow, and insurance professionals.  She has conducted over 80,000 private coaching calls, hundreds of webinars and live events, and is a sought after speaker at many national conventions.

In 2013 after working as a Coach and leader in two large coaching organizations she decided it was time to launch her own company dedicated to high level, customized coaching and consulting.

Debbie believes that no two agents, brokers or brands are alike, and therefore feels that their coaching should be custom tailored to fit their specific needs. Because custom coaching requires such a high level of skill, Debbie hires only the most experienced Coaches.  Debbie’s Coaches each have between 20-40 years of real estate experience.

Debbie’s husband Don is a full-time, top producing agent of over 35 years. Her daughter Erika works in Escrow and her daughter Taylor is the President of Excelleum, they are a Real Estate family!  This, combined with the fact that she interacts with thousands of Real Estate professionals each month, allows her to maintain her “from the street” perspective, the perspective that gives her clients the edge they need to thrive in a challenging industry.

Debbie’s motto is, “We aren’t looking to be a Coaching solution for the masses, instead we are dedicated to the growth of those who have a serious commitment to take their business to the next level.”