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Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about your listing presentation materials.

You know if you’re like many real estate agents that I speak with, you may have questions about your listing presentation materials. I’ve noticed that when clients join our coaching program, one of the first questions they often ask us is to help them clean up their presentation and to actually distill it down to something usable. See most of the major real estate brands have ready-made presentation materials for you to use and that’s great. The challenge that I see, however, is many of these company generated listing packages are often 50+ pages long. Agents get lost in them, clients get bored by them and then some of the great stuff never gets talked about.

So today’s consumer, as we know, they’re more impatient than ever and the last thing they want is to be pitched at. So we want your presentation to be well prepared, visually appealing, engaging, interactive and concise. And here’s what they want to know:  who are you and can you actually get the job done? What is your plan to market the home and maximize the exposure, what is the highest realistic price their home can sell for?

So if you’re struggling with your big packet and what pages to keep and what pages to discard, here’s what I would suggest you do. Lay all the pages out on the floor one by one where you can see them all, go through and extract fluffy stuff, pages that have no real valuable reason to be there, nothing that specifically important to say. Next, I want you to pull out anything that could be sent to them as a pre-list or given to them after they finished listing with you, so that you’re only covering the heart of what it takes to cover to take that listing when you’re there.

Now, then I want you to put the pages in order and think about it this way: who is the brand that you work for and why should I as the seller care? Who are you and why should I choose you? What’s your marketing plan and marketing strategy? And then, what are the success stories or the references that prove that you do what you say you’re going to do? And then, of course, the market evaluation or the CMA.

So ideally not including your market evaluation but just your core pages, I would like to see that they are close to 10 or 15 pages as possible because when it’s 25, 35, 50 pages, you’re not going to use it and they’re probably not going to listen to it, right?

So let’s do a little work, let’s fine tune it, and if you have questions about it, go ahead and email me,

Alright, make it a great day. I’ll talk to you soon.

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