Your Elevator Speech #309

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How do you communicate to a client why they should choose you?

Often they’ll ask, “Why should I choose you or how are you different?”

I wonder – in 60 seconds or less, can you explain what you do and why it’s unique?

It’s the old elevator speech.

Elevator speeches are no longer than 60 seconds. So as you’re setting up your elevator speech, use clear and concise words and make it interesting and engaging. You might even include a third party story.

A great elevator speech is even crafted for that particular type of customer. It should have a hook, something that makes that customer want to know more about you.

An outstanding elevator speech allows the customer to determine very quickly that you are worth listening to. It could include your value proposition, a short statement that communicates the potential benefits they will experience when they choose you.

And remember – they do buy the benefits, not the feature. So everything you say, as you’re explaining services you provide, as your crafting your elevator speech, should all be designed to answer the question in their mind, which  is, “So what? What does this mean to me?”

Here’s another helpful tip. When crafting an elevator speech, read your online reviews. Because in your online reviews, what your clients say about you is actually exactly what you do that’s special and unique.

Read your reviews, work on your elevator speech, and practice it. Because the more you practice it, the more likely you’re going to be to drop it into a variety of conversations.

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