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Today we’re talking a little bit about the DISC assessment.

So the DISC assessment is an incredible, simple but powerful little tool to identify your personality style, your strengths, your tendency, it’s really fabulous and so easy. So if you’ve not taken it, and you hear me mention it often, I want you to go to the website, and go to the free resources tab.

Now here’s what I want you to do – first of all, it only takes about 5 to 7 minutes to do the assessment. And please remember, there’s no right or wrong answers, and don’t over think your answers because who you are will shine through when you just answer instinctively. Now what’s really cool is, as soon as you push the button when you’re done answering those very simple questions, it will tabulate your report and it’s going to send you back over a 25 page report, all about the real you.

Now I’d like you to do this, I’d like you to then print it out and read it. Do what we call validating the DISC, and naturally looking to see if you feel that it’s accurate. If you’re not sure, show it to a friend or loved one and ask them, “Does this actually sound like me?” And they may tell you, “Oh, yes, it’s exactly like you.”

You know it’s really funny, the other day I was at an event and a lady said to me, “You know, the DISC assessment keeps telling me that I’m extremely analytical, and yet I don’t agree. And I took the test seven times and I took it approximately 5 minutes apart each time.” And she went on to explain to me in a highly analytical fashion why she didn’t agree with the DISC. Well, I think it pretty much nails her.

So pretty funny, our views of ourselves and then the reality of our style, and as you take this assessment again, please remember, there are no right or wrong answers. There is D- driver, I-influencer, S- steady or amiable, C-cautious or analytical. So with the D I S and C, you have a little bit of each of those in you, we all do.

When you see your report, you’re going to see a scale of 0-100. 100 doesn’t mean you get an A+, it has nothing to do with that, it’s just the level or the amount of that particular personality style. So for example, I’m a 99 D, so a 0-100, I’m considered a very high D. Anything above the level of 50 is a considered a higher level.

It’s going to be very clear, very easy to read, but if you questions, go ahead and email me,  And keep in mind that this is a free resource, you can use it as many times as you choose, and you are more than welcome to have friends or family members or even staff members, which is really important, take their DISC assessment. And then, look at page 19, where you’ll find the crib notes of how someone should communicate with you, the dos and don’ts.

So if you have your staff, your friends or family take it, you can read their page 19 and have terrific insight on how to communicate with them more effectively. Don’t you wish we could ask our clients to take the DISC? We would really be able to get inside of their mind, right? But I’m going to give you some tips on my next Debbie’s Daily Tips on how to read them without having them take the assessment.

Alright, thanks for joining me today, and I’ll talk to you very soon.

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