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You Are Your Best Investment

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips!

Today I wanted to talk to you for just a moment about one thing that I feel is very important, that we communicate often to agents that are talking to us about investing in coaching. You really are your best investment. Now, I’m not saying that to convince you to sign up for coaching or stay in coaching, I’m saying that because what I often see is agents buying lots of tools and trinkets and gadgets, thinking it’s going to save the day and make everything perfect for them. Yet they find they don’t use it, it doesn’t work, and they have thrown away a lot of money and maybe even a lot of time. In reality, if we stop and look at it, you are the magic. Not the tool, not the toy, not the trinket, because let’s remember: before any of these gadgets existed, back in the day, agents sold real estate just fine. They, in fact, made lots of money doing it, and how did they do that? Well, Zig Ziglar always said, “Go see the people.” Invest time in improving your own skill. Invest time in taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Invest a little time each day in reading a great book or talking to an inspiring person. Continue to invest in coaching, in training, in having a workout, a trainer, whatever it is that improves and grows you. Because you are the magic, you are the power, you are the talent, and you are your own best investment. So I want you to think about what the investment in yourself is that you need to make this week so that you can continue to grow, to change, to improve, and to be happy. Alright have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon on the next Debbie’s Tip.
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