Update And Upgrade Your Listing Presentation #318

Hello, it’s Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips.

As we work hard to a strong finish for 2018, one of the things I’d like to put on your project list is to update and upgrade your listing presentation.

Look at it and start from scratch. Do you need to add new materials? Do you need to remove some pages because it’s too cumbersome? Do you have fluffy pages in there that are unnecessary? What about your reviews? Are you showcasing your reviews, your track record and your performance? Remember, it’s great to give good service. What they’re really looking for is expertise and results.

Next, what about how you dress for your appointments? Do you prepare by doing advanced research on the seller? How much customizing of the marketing proposal do you do? Remember, we’re asking them to pay us a lot of money and we are facing a lot of disruption.

Part of that disruption is the flat rate commission cutting companies, so we’ve got to be prepared to go in to those appointments and look strong. Be powerful. Show them that you are their champion and advocate and that you have the answers to how to sell their home for the highest realistic price possible.

Also, even if you know them, even if they’re your friends, they’re family, or they’re a past client, let’s still be sure to go in prepared, as prepared as we would if we thought they were interviewing other agents. Do not take anything for granted and let’s get our game face on. Someone out there somewhere is practicing, and when they meet you at the table competing for that listing, I don’t want them to beat you.

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