The Response Pattern

Hi, this is Debbie and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips.

What we’re going to talk about today is the pattern of acknowledgment and approval or as I like to call it, “the response pattern.”

You know, it’s not natural that we walk around all day giving people lots and lots of approval, and yet they absolutely love it and respond to it. Yet if it’s something we’re going to do it and do it a lot, we’re going to have to practice it, because it really needs to become almost second nature.

So here’s what I mean by the response pattern. I want you to write this down. Great, terrific, excellent, really interesting, good for you, tell me more, perfect.

See if you’re acknowledging someone, you’re not necessarily telling them that they’re right. Or if you are approving, you are telling them they’re right, that’s great, right.

But it all makes people feel good because you’re listening, you’re engaged in the conversation and you’re giving them that warm glow of acknowledgment and approval and that causes them to feel more comfortable opening up and trusting you with their goals, their plans, and their dreams.

So I want you to look at our scripts because we have a lot of these acknowledgments and approval language built right into them.

Then I want you to take those words that we just went through, the great, terrific, excellent, good for you, really, that’s exciting, you’re kidding, you know, just some great little patterns there, put them on a sticky note, stick them on your computer, stick them on your phone and get into the habit of sprinkling them into your conversation.

Watch what happens. Watch how people open up and tell you even more. Watch how it defuses confrontation.

Alright, so practice it, let me know what you think and you can email me,

Alright, make it a great day, I’ll talk to you soon.

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