The Promise Technique

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I wanted to talk to you today about something called, The Promise Technique.

Now, some of you may have had training on neuro-persuasion. We often call it NLP, Neuro Linguistic Persuasion/Programming, and it’s really nothing specifically created for real estate.

It’s actually just very powerful words, phrases, and methods of communicating that motivate, inspire, and connect with people psychologically.

Now, there is a technique called The Promise Technique that I learned as I went through some NLP training. It’s very simple, and I’ll tell you how to apply it to your business in a very practical way.

So, here’s the thought behind it: When you get someone to promise you, about 90% of the time, most people will make an effort to keep that promise.

So, how can that help us in the real estate industry?

Well, have you ever gone on a listing appointment and a seller said to you, oh my goodness. Great meeting. You are so professional. I’m looking forward to working with you. Yes. Yes. Yes.

We’ll be ready in a couple of weeks, and you walk out of there and you’re super excited, but also a little worried because you don’t have them signed on the dotted line, and you know what can happen.

They get distracted or pulled away, or meet someone at church, or some friend who now has a real estate license, and then suddenly, they show up on the MLS, and they’re not listed with you.

Well, one thought- of course, we want to get it signed while we’re there and do everything possible, and yet, if that isn’t possible, then let’s utilize the promise technique, and it’s quite simple.

“So, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I’m so excited that you’re excited about working with me. And I want you to know, I am going to do my very best to get you the highest, realistic price possible. And so, all I’m asking is that you promise me that we are going to work together because I can’t wait.”

“Oh, yes, Debbie. We promise you.”

“Oh, excellent. I appreciate that promise.”

Now, let’s say that they’re a couple months out, and I’m going to be doing some follow up with them over the next few weeks, I want to find any way that I can, you know, without being weird about it, to remind them of their promise.

“So, you know, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, remember, you promised me, I’m your girl. I’m really looking forward to working with you.”

Maybe, the next time I call them back I say, “Okay. So, don’t forget, we’ve got a promise, we’re working together.” So, I just want to keep reminding them that they have made a commitment to me.

Of course I can’t promise you that they won’t break their commitment to you.

But it just is going to slow them down, give them pause, and remember, for the majority of people, if they make you a direct promise, they’re going to try very hard to keep it.

So, just a thought. It’s one great technique, it’s easy to use, and it might give you that little bit of extra insurance and opportunity.

Alright, make it a great day. I look forward to talking to you soon.


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