Successfully Launching Into 2019 (Part 5) #315

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. We’re working on a strong finish to the fourth quarter and a powerful beginning to 2019.

I have a suggestion for you today. What if you formed your own organic networking group? One of our coaches, Alyssa, when she was a young, single mom, she grew her business to over 100 personal transactions without a team. The way that she did this, is she put together her own organic networking groups.

So for example, she put together a group of women in businesses in her local market that were all in a commission sales type of job. They got together and strategized how they were each growing their business. They encouraged and supported each other and they had a strong commitment to send business back and forth to one another. Alyssa shared with me that from that one group alone, she would close typically at least 25 transactions a year and it was easy. They just met once a month for dinner or for lunch and in addition to the success, it was fun. So maybe consider that.

It’s also absolutely valuable to join the Chamber of Commerce or a BNI group or some type of charity that you’re involved in. What about it though? What if you created your own commission, salesperson networking group and invited other sales professionals into that group so that you can all support each other with your great referrals?

So remember, it can be a great way to do rejection free prospecting.

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