Successfully Launching Into 2019 (Part 4) #314

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As we power through the fourth quarter into the New Year, it will be here before we know it, right? Time flies. Someone signed up for coaching this morning and they said to me, “I have a pretty good business,” and actually it was quite a good business, they were doing over 50 deals a year. But he said, “I never get past 50. I’m stuck there and in fact, I feel that there’s some erosion of my business occurring recently because customer loyalty just isn’t the same as it was in the past.”

So we talked about some the great agents across the country that we have the pleasure of coaching, that as the coaches are working with them to upgrade and improve their business, we’re working to make sure that they have a minimum of three quality sources of business, because this particular gentleman did not.

Basically all he was doing was working with the people that he knew, past clients in his sphere, and if they didn’t call, he didn’t get a listing. So certainly, database is a huge invaluable piece of your business, and yet I want you to extract absolutely everything from that group that you possibly can.

And then let’s expand to make sure you have at least two to three additional quality sources. So I’d like you to have three quality sources of listing opportunities. Once those are cemented, locked in, and running like a machine, let’s add a fourth and even a fifth because just imagine if you’ve got five quality sources that you’re working like a machine. You’re always going to have new listings coming through the pipeline and you’re not going to be overly attached or overly reliant on just one source.

Alright, so let’s get ready. Remember the fourth quarter is a great dress rehearsal for the New Year ahead.

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