Successfully Launching Into 2019 (Part 2) #312

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips and our series on ramping up for the new year ahead.

So as you’re thinking about your goal for next year, I would assume that you’re hoping to make more money, right? And to make more money than just enough to get by, to just to pay our bills, which we all need to do – but wouldn’t it be nice to have some leftover profit?

I’m assuming that as you’re setting your goals, you’re planning to have some leftover profit. So as you’re looking at that number, after expenses, after overhead, after taxes, what will you have left to put away in the bank or to put in your pocket?

Then I’d like to ask you to do what we call, “spend it on paper.” In other words, sit down and think about what would be your use for every penny of that money.

Now, it might be setting up a six month reserve account. It might be investing in a new property. It might be paying off debts. It might be taking a vacation. It might be a little bit of all of the above. The reason I encourage you to spend it on paper is that it actually creates a real need for it.

Then be sure to look at it every day. Share with those in your life who support you so that they’ll hold you accountable, because it’s a natural human tendency to get a little bit complacent. Because as you move forward towards your goals, when the basic needs are met, it’s kind of easy to take your eye off the ball or to take your foot off the gas. And yet, when you go back to this exercise and see all those terrific things that money is going to help you accomplish, I hope it inspires you to push a little harder to get out of that comfort zone and to take some new action.

So set your goal, subtract your overhead, subtract your taxes, and then you take that leftover profit and you spend it on paper.

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