Successfully Launching Into 2019 (Part 1) #311

Hello, welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips! We’re continuing on in our series to get ramped up for the year ahead. So as you’re thinking about your strong finish for 2018 and your launch into 2019, hopefully the best year of your entire career, I’d like to ask you to consider this. What is your definition of success?

Success is very different for everyone. For some, it’s really going to be all about the income. For others, it might be about building a career that gives them the freedom and flexibility to have time with their children or family. And for some, there may be a different, big why.

I just spoke with someone today who just finished putting their son through nine years of college and law school. He said, “You know Debbie, thank you so much. If I hadn’t had the coaching to keep me motivated and on track, my son would have lots and lots of student loans.”

So we all have our definition of success. We all have our big “why,” and yours should be uniquely your very own. It’s what drives us to get through the tougher days when we’d rather not do it, when we’d rather take a nap, right? When we’d rather just avoid the prospecting.

What is it that makes you excited? What is it that your success will help you achieve, and what is your true definition of success for you?

Remember, whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. So, believe it and now let’s go get to work and do it.

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