Stand Out As The Wise Advisor #317

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As we talk about the strong finish of 2018, something that I say a lot is, “Stand out as the wise adviser.” Here’s what I mean by that.

As you prepare for the year ahead, think about increasing your market knowledge and expertise. Today’s consumers can go online and check their values, which may or may not be accurate. They can do a Google search and get answers to any question imaginable. But to put it all together really requires the wisdom of a wise adviser.

My husband and I recently sold our house and purchased another. My husband has been active in the real estate business for over 35 years and he said to me, “You know, Debbie, you are the most annoying buyer and seller I’ve had for a long time.”

It is amazing how challenging it can be to navigate the buying, the selling, the ups, the downs, the waiting for contingency removal, the inspections, the walkthroughs – it’s all very, very stressful. So we need to hold their hand through that process, right? They’re not going to find the answers and support when they Google, it’s you sitting down with them, holding their hand and being that wise advisor.

In conclusion, I really want you to own that space of being the market expert. Be the high-level business consultant and remember how much actual value you bring to the table.

They want to talk to you, they need to talk to you, you have the answers, you have the support, and you’ll talk them down off the ledge if they get scared.

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