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Hello, this is Debbie and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips.

Today we wanted to spend a couple of minutes with you talking about how to be more powerful on the phone.

You know I often talk to people who say, I’m really good in person but I just don’t love the phone. Now I don’t know that they’re necessarily talking about the fact that they don’t love making cold calls, I think what they’re saying is they just don’t feel as confident in their communication skills over the phone as they do in person. And of course, that makes sense, right, because when you’re face-to-face with someone, they can see your energy, they can feel the presence of you.

So it’s not just your words and your tonality connecting with them. However when you’re on the phone, now it’s all going to be relying on how much energy, how much passion, enthusiasm, and personality you can bring through that phone line.

Now here is one of the challenges guys, you know when you are speaking on the phone only 15% of who you are, of that energy of you, gets through that phone line and reaches that customer or a prospect. So what that means is you’re going to have to ramp it up. Think about it like this. If you were an actor and you were in a theater on stage, you would have to overdress, wear extra makeup, very grand gestures, very big voice, compared to if you were an actor that had a camera right on your face, right?

Because you see, if you’re on that stage in a big theater, you’ve got to reach that person sitting way up there on the balcony. You’ve got to reach them with your energy and your enthusiasm and the phone is exactly like that.

So if you are prospecting, making your follow-up calls, doing all the things you do in a day, and people around you aren’t complaining a little, saying hey, shhh, you’re little too loud, then possibly, you’re not putting enough energy, enough  ramp-up, and enough volume into those phone calls.

So remember, you’ve got to take it up a notch because you’re trying to reach through that phone. You know, I remember when I first got into the real estate business and my broker said to me, and you guys have heard this before, this is like no new thing under the sun, but he told me to put a mirror in front of my desk because I needed to smile. When you’re smiling, they can tell.

When I had a business coach who said, “You know, when you’re talking over the phone, use your hand gestures, do all the things that you would do if you were physically in front of that person because that energy translates through the phone.”

Now, of course, we want to be conscious to mirror and match their rate of speech because we want them to feel comfortable as they converse with us. Also obviously we want to have a great scripts because when you have a great scripts in front of you and you drill, practice and rehearse those scripts, you’re going to be much more likely to speak with confidence and power and to be really in tune to listening to what that person on the other end of the phone line is actually saying.

So my tips for you today would be the following: be well prepared for the calls you’re going to make, get enough rest, eat the right food, make sure you have a great environment so that when you get on that phone, there’s nothing physically weighing you down. Then ramp it up, ramp-up the volume, ramp up the energy and really work to reach through that phone line and connect with that prospect by mirroring and matching their rate of speech, by asking a great question, by being interested in them and interesting to listen to.

Alright, so power on the phone, practice it today, let me know how you do. And you know you can always email me your question, Debbie@excelleum.com.   I look forward to talking to you soon, have a great day.

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