Networking #328

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. Today we’re talking about how to network, even if you’re afraid of talking to strangers.

As we helped our clients get ready for 2019, one of the suggestions that we had for them is that they find a networking group. That they find something they are passionate about and where they can meet people, hopefully people that have their ideal clients, or even put together and form their own networking group. But of course, depending on your personality, that might be terrifying to you because you hate to talk to strangers.

I was thinking a little bit about this. What would be a few things to make it easier for you to talk to strangers? Well, one thing would be choosing your audience, right? Who do you have a lot in common with, so that there’d be a lot to naturally talk about? Also, maybe you bring a wingman. Bring a friend, bring someone with you so that you’re not there on your own. Plus, they may even know some of the people in the room.

Another thought, it’s good to always have a few go-to opening lines. For example, if I am at an event with a bunch of people and it’s a real estate event, often one of my opening lines is, “How’s your year? What have been some of the best things that you’ve accomplished?” or, “Tell me, what’s a significant project that you’re excited about or working on? I wonder, where does most of your business come from? What are you really good at?”

I try to always have a few of these opening lines, because I know that it’s easier if I can ask questions and get people talking about themselves. One of the best ways to build rapport is ask questions about things that matter to them and to then pay attention, right? It’s a great way to get to know someone and to decide, is this someone that I would like to have a conversation with and build a deeper business relationship with? You could ask questions like, “What are some of the fun things you’re working on right now? Tell me, how did you come to be a member of this group? What business are you in? How is your business doing?” Ask them where they live and say, “You know, this may be an odd question, but I’m in real estate and I always like to know where people live and how they enjoy it.”

A great goal for when you have networking events is to meet five people you don’t know and try to ask them three to five questions. Maybe talk to them for at least three to five minutes, and hopefully you’ll then come away with a good lead, a good connection, maybe a new friend, and their contact information so that they can be opted in to your marketing web.

Alright, so be prepared, have your goal, set your opening lines, and maybe take your wingman. Have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon.


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