Name Tags And Branded Shirts #324

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. I wonder, do you ever wear a name tag or maybe a branded polo shirt, or another piece of career apparel that identifies you as a real estate agent?

I get it, some of you listening or reading may be very fashion forward, always making sure you are dressed sharp and look right. And I totally understand. However, every day I hear stories of people who are at the grocery store, at the carwash, putting gas in their car, picking up their kids from school, sitting on the soccer fields, all in their branded career apparel or wearing a name tag, and they pick up a fabulous lead.

Because you know what people love to talk about? Real estate. The fact that you are easily identifiable as a real estate agent makes you approachable. In fact, I remember when I was a young agent and I was doing well, I was selling on average 12 to 15 homes a month, working hard. I had an agent in my office that always was just right behind me. Our difference was always right around just a couple homes, but I had no children and she had five. So that’s just crazy! Guess what her secret was? At the time we worked for Century 21, and she wore her Century 21 Gold vest everywhere. And boy was she ever out and about a lot, with five kids, on the sports fields or at the school lot and everywhere else. About 90% of the business came from people that she knew. Now she was a smart woman, she had great market knowledge and expertise, was very friendly and approachable. But a lot of those deals just came to her.

So I wonder, what if you could create deals, basically out of thin air, because someone came up and asked you about real estate, simply because you were are wearing your name tag? Would it be worth it? I have a challenge for you. What if you tried it for a week or two? Just wear it everywhere you go inside the business day, and let’s see what happens.

Okay, so remember, no more being a secret agent. Alright, have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon.


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