Making the Decision to Hire Help for Your Team

There comes a point in the career of many real estate agents when you do, in fact, consider whether or not it is time to hire an assistant.  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all of the paperwork and the repetitive tasks that must be performed to take a listing or close a transaction.  Or, perhaps you feel that your sales are stagnant and you cannot reach the next level without help.  Maybe you are frustrated because you do not seem to have enough hours in the day to respond to your clients in a reasonable time frame.  You may even feel that you are just too busy to stop and hire someone.

More often than not, an agent waits too long before they make the first hire.

Why do some agents avoid hiring their first assistant?

  • The number one reason is fear. It is another person to be responsible for besides our family; it basically is another mouth to feed.  It is understandable that it may feel daunting to have another financial obligation in addition to the day-to-day stress of selling real estate.
  • Some agents avoid hiring an assistant because the agent does not know what an assistant should do and what responsibilities an assistant should assume. This is most likely to occur when an agent does not have systems in place and is literally flying by the seat of his or her pants.  In this case, every deal and transaction is different and everything about how to process the business is in the agent’s head.  When you add to this uncertainty that an agent may not know who to hire or how to hire, paralysis can easily set in and the agent avoids addressing this basic issue.
  • Another reason for not hiring is that an agent does not want to be “outed.” An agent may feel that their business process is disorganized; that the office is just stacks of seemingly random papers and files that no one else could make sense of and they simply do not want someone else to see what a mess they really have. As a result, the agent decides not to hire an assistant until they have cleaned everything up and are organized.  Typically, in this case the agent never gets around to organizing their office and files and thus the delay in hiring just continues.
  • While it can be difficult for some agents to admit this, hiring an assistant will likely cause them to do things they really do not like to do such as generate leads. Whether it is picking up the phone and calling past clients, holding open houses or door knocking, some agents do not want to do those jobs as often as they need to be done.  The agents would rather look and feel productive by doing paperwork.
  • An agent may delay hiring an assistant because they feel there isn’t any time to delegate. An agent thinks, “I’m just too busy to train an assistant and delegate.  By the time I tell them how to do it, I could just do it myself.  I can’t stop what I’m doing.”  This is an easy trap to fall into and sets the agent up to perpetually avoid taking any steps to hire an assistant.
  • And finally, some agents may be over-the-top “control monsters.” These agents feel they are special and believe that no one can be as a good as they are at managing the   They feel they have a certain way that things must be done and therefore, they must do it themselves.  The reality is that the agent is a salesperson and there is someone else out there that can do a much better job managing the paperwork.  The agent is just avoiding the process of doing more business.


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