Making 40 Contacts Per Day #300

Hello, it’s Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie’s Tips.

You know, I had an email this morning. It was perfect, just in time for me to record this tip for you.

It was a list of questions from a guy that we coach, a fabulous guy, who is all fired up and ready to go with a mission of making 40 contacts per day.

Now, I get it, that that’s a big goal, and I get it that many people who would listen to this Debbie Tips, would not have an interest in doing 40 contacts a day or a plan to do so, but his questions were so valuable and appropriate, I’d thought I’d answer them for you on the Debbie’s Tips today.

So, number one question that he asked is, do I count a contact if they’re a new lead, or does it count if they’re also people from my database, and does it count if they call me or do I have to make the outbound call?

So guys, I want you to think of it this way. In a very pure sense, think of a contact as a live conversation, eye-to-eye or ear-to-ear, with a decision-making adult, that potentially could spark a new real estate opportunity, okay?

So, if you think about it, you could see a friend at Starbucks and ask them for a referral. That would count as a contact. A past client could call in and give you a referral. That’s a new business opportunity. That could count as a contact.

So, inbound or outbound, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. They can be a stranger or they can be your best friend, or they can be your mother, that’s all fine as long as it’s a conversation that could potentially lead to a new business opportunity.

Now, it doesn’t mean that every call would give you a lead. It would still count as a contact if you had that conversation.


Next, he went on to ask, do lead follow-up calls count as a contact

Well, let’s say that someone reached out online, you’ve never spoken to them. Absolutely, that’s a fresh contact. 100%. But, what he was really saying is, what about the people who are in your pipeline and they’re saying, you know, I’ll sell in 60 days, or I’ll sell in 90 days, or maybe I’ll buy in 6 months, and you’re having those repetitive conversations with them, does each conversation count as a contact?

No, unless you’re asking for a new business opportunity. So, let’s say I’m calling Fred, and I’m saying, “Hey, Fred. I’m just checking in. Do you still have a plan to get your home sold in the next three months?”  “Yes, Debbie, but I’m not ready yet.”  “Okay, Fred. Well, I’m going to be here for you. I want to meet with you at that time. And by the way, Fred, you know a lot of people. Is there anyone that you can think of today, that might need my help?”

See, it was an ongoing lead follow-up call, but I did ask Fred for new business, so absolutely, I can count that as a contact.


Next, he was asking, well, what about if I’m following up with my sellers on listings, or what about if I’m following up with my buyers who are already under contract, just, you know, to give status reports and updates, can I count those as a contact?

Well, when you’re just following up on existing business, no, that wouldn’t be a contact, unless you ask them for a referral, right? So, if I’m calling my buyer and saying, “Hey, just want to let you know, appraisal came in signed. We’re good to go. We’re going to be closing on time.” And they’re so excited, and you say, “I’m so delighted to help. And, by the way, you know, I love working with you, and now I’m going to need a new client. Is there anyone you can think of who might need my help?”

See, now, I accomplished two great purposes. I did my follow-up conversation with my seller or my buyer who’s pending, so that’s all good because I want to, you know, lock them in as a client for life, and I want them to feel comfortable referring business to me in the future, and I asked for a referral. So now, they could be a contact.


So, then he says, what about open house?

Absolutely. Anybody that you’re talking to at open house, and prospecting to pick up, that’s a contact.

So, you kind of get it, right guys? Just think of it this way: doesn’t have to be a new person, but it needs to be a conversation about a new opportunity, and that could even include, as you speak to your vendors and your affiliates, and you’re asking, hey, is there anyone you know today who needs my help.

Because here’s what I want. I want you to be hunting for business all the time, anywhere and everywhere, seeking, and searching out that new opportunity. See, it’s easier than you think when you think about all the places you might be in the day, and all the conversations you may have. The only thing we have to do is start asking more directly for what you want.

So, good luck and happy hunting today. Talk to you soon.

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