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Lead Follow Up

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. What I wanted to talk about today is lead follow up, but maybe in a little different way than we’ve discussed before, if you’ve ever listened to our recordings or read our blogs or attended our webinars on lead follow up.

This is such an important topic and the reason for that is because for most agents, 70% of their business is going to come from their lead follow up. And yet most agents admit that they don’t follow up often enough. Now if you have online leads, I understand you may have only their email address so you’ll have to depend on only emailing them. I have had some agents have success sending an email that says, “We have some great coming soon properties. If you’ll send me your phone number, I’ll text you the information.”

But I do understand that a lot of your email campaigns may be tied around your online leads. You’ve got those built in drips, and some of your CRMs even have those drips built in for you. But let’s talk about a different type of lead.

I was talking to an agent this morning and I discovered that he was doing a good job with his drip campaigns on his online leads, and he was also actually doing a really good job mail marketing and online marketing to his past clients and sphere and farm. However when it came to the leads, the quality leads that he was speaking to, here is what he was doing. He was putting those leads on an index card and sitting them up in a card file box, and calling them back when they told him to. And that’s not necessarily bad, right? I understand why that would be important for him, to hold those cards in his hand. That’s just what works for him. But here’s what I suggested to him and here’s what I suggest to you.

So just imagine if I called you today, you don’t know me. I’m an agent who is a complete stranger to you and you’re a potential home seller, and you’re thinking that you wouldn’t think about listing your home for another three or four months. So if I just get your information and I call you back in two months or three months, guess what? I’m still a stranger. You’ve forgotten all about me. You probably don’t even remember the conversation that we had that day. I haven’t done anything to incubate or nurture you, or indoctrinate you to me, right? I haven’t warmed you up.

So what I suggested to the agent I was talking to this morning, is why wouldn’t we immediately drop them into our marketing funnel? Why wouldn’t we send them the weekly email blast? Why wouldn’t we add them to a direct mail list? Why wouldn’t we call them once a month? Why wouldn’t we text them once a month and say, are there any questions you have this month? Just looking to stay in touch.

Because you see, over the course of the next few months I want to set up as much as I can through that automated nurture campaign. By the time I follow up with them and they’re potentially ready to sell the home, I want them to see how professional and how diligent I am. I want them to feel they owe me just a little bit for all of this great quality time and information I’ve been providing, and I want them to feel like they know me. So think about that. Think about those leads that are 30, 60, 90 days, even 12 months away. What are you doing to nurture and to build that relationship? And if you have some questions, just email me direct at debbie@Excelleum.com.

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