Meet Kimberly DuBrul

Kimberly DuBrul has been a coach for over 12 years focusing in the areas of business, life and mindset including coaching over 500 real estate brokers and agents toward their success before, during and after working with a multi million dollar a year coaching company.  Her ability to listen, strategize, ask great questions, encourage and hold her clients accountable to the actions they commit to help her clients in real estate as well as the corporate world to reach their goals AND enjoy their work and their lives at the highest level. One of Kimberly’s main beliefs is that if you are motivated, coachable, determined and resilient then the sky’s the limit for you.  If you know there is more that is possible for you and you are ready to go for it, then she can help you to achieve it.

Kimberly is very unique having coached a high number of clients leading her to have vast experience that sets her apart in her field of coaching- unmatched by most in the business.  Add to this her certifications in Hartman Values Profile and Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics, and as a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of coaches and speakers, among others, and you quickly realize the set of qualifications that Kimberly has acquired are not duplicated any where else in the coaching world.  She loves what she does and her enthusiasm and belief in the power of coaching shows in every session.

Other things to know about Kimberly:

  • She is a wife and mother of two school aged kids, she knows what it’s like to juggle a business and family at the same time and become successful with both.
  • She focuses on mind, body, spirit health in her own life in order to bring a high level of energy to her clients and enjoyment to her life.
  • She has completed over 10,000 thousand hours of one on one coaching sessions, masterminds, group coaching sessions, workshops, conferences and trainings.
  • She teaches business and skill building for coaches to a national audience – Kimberly also trains new coaches to be and experienced coaches toward certification.
  • She is active in her community as a member of boards and groups that are near and dear to her heart.
  • She was recently named to the first ever 14 person President’s Advisory Council for the worldwide 2000+ member John Maxwell Team.
  • She ran a very successful real estate business for 19+ years, prior to coaching and was voted favorite real estate agent in her state.
  • She has created custom coaching for clients and corporations in a wide variety of businesses.
  • She teaches, coaches, and leads mastermind groups in the areas of leadership and personal growth.
  • She is an ICF certified coach

“I look forward to working with you to help you create the business and life you want and know you can have!”