Meet J.P. Cook

J.P. has been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years, and earned his Brokers license 12 years ago. His areas of expertise include: lead generation, converting leads to appointments, listing & buyer presentations, team building, handling objections and effectively negotiating purchase contracts.

J.P. is a voracious reader who has read over 100 books on real estate sales and marketing. He is committed to personal and professional growth, and has achieved almost every real estate designation available.

J.P. comes from a family of sales professionals. The knowledge and experience he gained as a child traveling the country to sales meetings with his father (who was a nationally recognized sales person) was invaluable!

He has a get-to-give mentality and is truly passionate about working with real estate agents to help increase their units sold, sales volume and gross commissions through a strategic approach using technology, market expertise, and good old fashion hard work! J.P.’s a strong believer that agents need to discover what activities produce the greatest income and then learn to create systems to spend the majority of their time focusing on those activities.

He is continuously updating his approach by anticipating changes in the market and industry and putting agents in position to succeed, regardless of any potential challenges. He believes people have tremendous growth potential in all areas of life, and works to tap into that potential to help agents achieve their goals!

As a side note, J.P. has walked a minimum of 3 miles every day (without fail) for over 1,500 days! J.P. is also a level 4 hockey coach through USA Hockey!