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Instant Revenue

Hello it’s Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie’s Tips! Today we’re talking about instant revenue.

Just this week the coaches and I had a great mastermind call and we were discussing how to help our clients fire up their year by focusing them on activities to create instant revenue.

I thought you might like to hear about some of the items on our list:

    • Time block 1 hour a day to hunt for new business
    • Text 5 past clients per day offering an annual real estate check up to update them on the value of their home.
    • Pull every lead in your system and time block 100% focused lead follow up time and have your scripts ready to spark urgency, why they should do it now
    • Call or see all of your AAA past clients, you probably have 10 or 20 that are your top raving fans, and ask them for a referral. And remember, they love you and will be happy to help you.
    • Get price reductions on any unsold listings right away!
    • For your buyers who are stagnant, have a heart to heart talk with them about what must change to find them a home and press them into reality and get them out shopping.
    • Put 10 business cards in your pocket each day and find 10 people to give one to, and to have a real estate conversation with.
    • Hold an open house and doorknock around it to invite the neighbors.
    • Wear your name tag or career apparel in the business day.
    • On any day you don’t have an appointment find 2-3 people you can get in front of.
    • Ask all active current buyers and sellers for a referral.
    • Call your vendors and affiliates and pledge your support to them and ask for 1 contact or referral they might be able to give you.

These are just a few from our list and I hope they are helpful. I would suggest you choose at least 2 and go do them!

Check out this episode!

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