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Increase Your Income Producing Hours

Hello, welcome to Debbie’s Tips. Today we’re talking about tips to increase your income producing hours.

If you are like most of the great agents who come to us for coaching, you are probably working too many hours and not earning all that you deserve, am I right?

At Excelleum, our goal is to help our coaching clients make more money in less time.  To help them in this process, we often encourage them to keep a time log for a week in order to track what percentage of their day is income producing.

I thought I would share this exercise with you, because it’s easy to do and just the act of focusing on how your time is spent almost instantly improves your productivity.

Here is how it works. Grab a scratch pad, carry it with you, and log what you are doing every 30 minutes of the day for the next week. At the end of the day, go back over your log and write the following next to each 30-minute segment:

IP = income producing

IS = income servicing

S = stuff

The goal is to get to a minimum of 50% income producing activities in your day. If you have an admin or a team that you’re delegating to, or could delegate to, then you really should be pressing towards 80% of your time being income producing.

By the end of the week, as you keep your time log and you measure your IP hours, you should have more clarity on what your distractions and interruptions are. This should help you see what can be eliminated so that you can make improvements to your schedule.

Remember, multi-tasking is a sin, not a virtue. Practice time blocking, as there is power and efficiency in staying focused and completing one task at a time.

By the way – you may want to consider checking email only 3 times a day. Obsessive, excessive email checking is a major distraction for most agents.

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