Debbie De Grote

Excelleum Coach/Founder/President

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At Excelleum, we feel that matching you with the right Coach is the magic ingredient that will fast track your progress. Because of this, only Debbie makes your final Coach selection and she ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the match.

Prior to your first call with your Coach, Debbie will review all of your information and based on your needs she will match you to the experienced Coach she feels will be right fit for you. You will receive their bio and a welcome call to begin your coaching experience.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied that your assigned Coach is the right match for you, simply reach out directly to Debbie and she will speak with you personally and re-match you right away!

Our Coaches all have extensive real estate experience, anywhere from 20-40 years in a variety of aspects of the Real Estate industry, and they all work together as a Coaching faculty. This means you can tap into the entire talent pool here at Excelleum so that you are speaking to the right Coach for your area of need.

Debbie hand selects her Coaches/Consultants and personally works with them on their client files to collaborate and provide the tools needed to customize their coaching to the client.

Debbie believes that every coaching session should be customized for you and your own personal success blueprint.

To find out more about how coaching works and if coaching is right for you simply click here to request a complimentary strategy session and one of our Customer Care Representatives will contact you, gather your information for Debbie, and schedule a complimentary call for you with one of our veteran Coaches.

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