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How Effective Are Print Newsletters?

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. I had a question sent in to me and I wanted to answer it for you today. “How effective are print newsletters?” So this person was actually asking if it would be equally effective to send an email newsletter or would I really, really recommend doing a print newsletter instead?

Hands down, a print newsletter is the best. It’s not that sending an e-newsletter is bad – if you have one that you’re not paying for and it’s easy to push it out, go right ahead. Because at least they’re seeing that you sent them something. It’s keeping your name top of mind, but they’re probably not going to open it up and read it. But with a print newsletter, people love it. They don’t just stand over their mailbox and throw it away like they do a lot of the other stuff that they get in the mail. Maybe they do with some of the other stuff they get in the mail from us, but with the newsletter they are more likely to take it, lay it by the coffee maker, lay on the coffee table, lay it by their bed and pick it up later to read it. This is especially true if there is a good variety of articles. So you must keep the articles of a good variety, not all real estate, but just general, interesting stories and articles. Put your real estate articles on the inside, so that they actually read the articles on the front and open it up.

You’ll always want to have a couple of strong call-to-actions, information, or valuable resources that you’re offering. If you can, buy a newsletter that’s already done for you. In our Inner Circle we give our coaching clients a newsletter every month to customize, print, and mail. And I actually write those newsletters and it’s not easy to do. So I wouldn’t suggest you necessarily try to write your own, unless you’re just a gifted writer and you love it – because I do it every month and I don’t love it. But it’s valuable to our clients and it’s valuable to their clients.

Now, for some ways you could reduce the cost. You can mail it flat, which will cost more, maybe 80 cents or so, or you can fold it in half so it’s double folded, and that will probably cost the normal postage rate. Depending on your farm, you might be able to send it every door direct, you’d want to check on that. You certainly could co-brand and partner with a lender, or even local business owners who might like to put a coupon or an ad in the newsletter and share some of the costs. And even though we do ours in full color and many of our clients use the full color version, we also remind them that if they feel that’s too expensive for them, they could always run it in black and white and it’s going to be a lot less costly.

So if you said to me, okay Debbie, would I be better off to mail it quarterly, full color, and not co-branded? Or monthly, co-branded, or with an advertiser in it, and black and white? I’d say do it monthly, the affordable way, because frequency is important. They enjoy the content; we just need to get it out there and get it in front of them.

If you have an interest in finding out more about the other marketing resources that we automatically give our clients in the Inner Circle, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to talking to you soon. Have a great day.

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