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Handling Objections #332

Hello, welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips. I wonder, are you prepared to handle any buyer or seller objection that comes your way?

I did something once, where I created a list to see how many true typical buyer objections and typical seller objections actually exist. I came up with about 12 or 13 for each buyer and seller, and then I noticed that in any given market there’s usually three to five that will consistently surface.

Now if the objections never really change, and we assume we need to learn 13 for buyers and 13 for sellers, it’s only 26 different objections total. If you had one, two or even three great answers to each one, and you really became a student of mastering those answers, can you imagine how competent you would be? You would not hesitate to make any prospecting call, to walk into any sales situation, to handle any challenging customer if you knew, no matter what objection they threw at you, you could handle it with confidence.

See, over my career I have made this a science. I took it very seriously, to breakdown and study every objection that I might get from a buyer or a seller. And then I did that again as I built my coaching business. What are the objections that someone would give me when I’m asking them to join coaching and they’re afraid? Then I drilled, I practiced, and I rehearsed.

I encourage you – what if you made this year the year to master those objections? What if you just simply started with the top three to five that you get you the most stuck and started there? You can come to me, I’ll send you some scripts, and you can write down your favorite things that you like to say.

You can also ask your friends in the office and compile two to three objection handlers for each of those three to five objections. Put them on flash cards, study them, record and listen to them when you’re driving. Find a practice partner, because you know what? It is worth it. In fact, if I could pick one easy thing that someone could work on to improve their sales skills and to increase their profits, I would say work on your objection handlers.

Good luck!

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