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Habits of Highly Successful Upper Tier Agents

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. Today I was reading a great article that my friend Diane Hartley over at the Luxury Institute for Home Marketing sent over to me, and I just really loved it and I thought maybe we would talk about it a little bit today. The subject of the article is, “Habits of Highly Successful Upper Tier Agents.” So I took a look at this article, which breaks down six common habits of high-end real estate agents. Whether or not you work high end, all these habits are very appropriate.

Habit number one, balance work and personal life. So when you’re doing the things that are for fun, for recreation, dinner with family, going to a movie, make sure you really work to be in the moment. I scolded my husband the other night because, as you all know, he is a full-time real estate agent of over 34 years. And we went out to dinner on a Friday night, a nice dinner, great restaurant. And what’s he doing? Checking his texts and answering his phone. And I said, goodness, can’t you put it away for just one hour? So it’s about really trying to find that time. I know it’s challenging because remember, we’re a real estate family, I get it, but let’s try to carve out just that little bit of balance for your work and for your personal life.

Number two, network constantly. You know, I often say to the great agents that we work with, that terrific prospects are everywhere. If you’re at the gym working out and you hear a conversation come up about real estate, or you wear your branded polo shirt to your kid’s soccer game, there are leads everywhere. So always be on the lookout. No secret agents.

Number three, practice your people skills. And that can be just how you meet and greet, interact with people, make it all about them. My husband and I were talking the other day about some acquaintances that we have that are connected to some best friends of ours, a couple that we see them occasionally at social gatherings. And our conversation was that they’re really nice people, but we really don’t want to be around them because she never stops talking. You know the kind of person I mean, right? The kind that when you’re with them, you absolutely cannot get a word in. So practicing people skills doesn’t mean you have to be a great talker. As a matter of fact, if you’re great at asking questions and listening, they’ll love you. One of the best ways to build rapport is to make eye contact. Smile. Also, you can mirror and match their rate of speech, because slow talkers like slow talkers and fast talkers like fast talkers. Then ask great questions about things that matter to them.

Next on the list is, stay tech savvy. Now I get it. Tech may not be your favorite thing. For some of you, you may love it, good for you, but for others it’s not your favorite thing. And you know what? Our business still is an eye to eye and ear to ear business. And yet we don’t want to be left behind as dinosaurs. So, set a goal. Just learn one new technology each and every week. Spend a half an hour, learn something new.

Number five on the list, top professionals stay in touch. I was talking to someone today and they told me that they have 2,000 people on a list, on a paper list, great connections in their community, but they don’t mail, they don’t email, they don’t text, they don’t call. They basically just see them around town and they’re such a great person and they did such a great job, that they do get a fair measure of repeat and referral business. But just imagine what could happen if they stayed in touch. So drop that web of connection so that there’s multiple touch points from which they hear from you each month.

Number six, invest in learning. And no, they really did say this in the article, I’m not making this up. Because you might be thinking, oh, Debbie, you’re just saying that so that we’ll call you and sign up for coaching. But the point is, invest in learning. And that could be everything from buying a great book, to buying some new scripts, to investing in coaching, to attending a workshop, to earning a designation. The best in the business always know that there’s more, that there’s always that next step that you can take to gain mastery and to gain momentum. Top producers are always working to perfect what they do.

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