Getting Prospects To Choose You #303

Hello it’s Debbie De Grote and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips!

Did you know that 85% of homeowners still choose an agent they know and trust?

As I travel around the country, so many agents tell me that they are worried about the disruptors, the online lead portals who are trying to take their seller leads away.

They are worried that their future seller will ditch them and go online in search of their new real estate opportunity.

But here is the good news: 85% choose an agent they know and trust. However, the scary part is that they know a lot of agents and they’re are being marketed to by lots of agents.

We need to be certain that you are top of mind, and yes, that you are a shining bright light of knowledge and wisdom.

Because let’s face it – they can get data and they can even Google answers to their questions. What they need though is that wise advisor to put it all together for them.

So again, you need to own that space. Your marketing needs to showcase your skills, your expertise, and your results.

And of course, service is important but it’s also expected. If you want them to choose you and pay you what you deserve, then they need to believe you have the expertise to sell their home at the highest possible price while still making it as stress free as you can.

Alright have a great day, I’ll talk to you soon.

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