Geographical Farming #305

Hello its Debbie and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips!

You know, in each of your markets there are areas of opportunities. So for a moment let’s focus on the geographical areas.

Whether you are a geographical farmer or are simply looking for the pocket markets that offer greater potential, you will want to identify where the best areas of opportunity might be.

Here is what I mean. Let’s say you plan to make calls, send letters, or door knock and that you’re doing this in an area with only 1% turnover versus an area with 4% turnover.

Logically it just makes sense to choose the area with greater turnover.  And yet, agents often give this very little consideration before launching their marketing campaigns.

In addition to geographical territories, we can next take a look at the segments of the population that interest you, or that you feel have a powerful potential for return.

Now these segments could include absentee owners, downsizers, or networking groups that have your ideal type of clients as members.  What I want you to leave today with, very clear, is: maximize your listing opportunities.

To do that, you need to identify at least 3-5 key sources of pursuit and then have the action plans, the scripts, the technology, and systems that allow you to extract every ounce of potential from those systems and sources.

So we need to find the market hot spots!  You can do it by looking at turnover mapping, potentially through your title company, price versus turnover, figure out quadrant farming, the areas you want to focus on, or target prospecting, going after a particular type of opportunity.

Alright but bottom line, do something!

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