Gain The Listings You Need #304

Hello, welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips!

How do you gain the listings you need? Well, you must expand what you do.

If you don’t have all of the listings you need, it just makes sense that you are going to need to expand what you do, but there are many many ways that you could actually expand.

For example, you could work a bigger geographic area.

You could try a new type of prospecting method.

You could increase your marketing budget.

You could improve conversion ratio.

Before you expand though, my first challenge to you though is to identify what you do best already. What are your key sources of listings? And close the gaps. In other words, set a goal to extract more out of those key sources and then add a web of systems so strong, drop that web on them, that you stay top of mind, and that you stay top of mind as their wise advisor.

Okay so don’t forget, expand something that you do, and then set yourself apart as that wise advisor.

Talk to you soon!

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