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Finding New Opportunities in Your Market

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Tips!

And today I wanted to ask you, what are the new opportunities in your market?

Recently we had a Shifting Market event here in Newport Beach, California where we discussed how to prepare for the changes that the next year or two may bring.

One of the things we discussed is that while a market shift brings new challenges to be met, it also brings new opportunities. I would encourage you to consider this thought: What are the new opportunities that your market conditions are presenting that you are not taking advantage of?

For example, there will be more expired listings. What is you plan to work them?

There will be newer opportunities in the high-end market, as days on market increase and many agents will flock to the lower price points because they are easier.

Past clients may decide now is the time to sell and downsize to maximize equity, so it would make sense to call them now and inform them of the shift. You have more power to spark opportunity than you think you do!

If you aren’t sure what to do or how to prepare for the shift, maybe it’s time for you to talk to us.

If you would like to talk to one of my experienced coaches to discuss your questions, you can easily do so by either going to our website to request a complimentary business strategy call, or just email me direct at debbie@excelleum.com. We’d be happy to speak with you. Good luck and happy hunting!

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