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Earning What You Deserve

Hello and welcome to Debbie’s tips. I wanted to talk to you about earning what you deserve.

Have you ever found that past clients, friends, and family often grind you to cut commission? Whether it’s because you know them, or because you did a deal with them before, or there will be two deals involved this time?

The first thing I’d ask you to do, to earn what you deserve, is STOP volunteering to cut commission. Don’t offer it, at least wait for them to bring it up!

So don’t say, “Okay, because you’re going to buy another home from me,” or “Because I sold you a home in the past,” or “If I sell it myself, I’ll do x.” So just stop volunteering. Let them ask you.

Then if they ask you, the next step is to be prepared with what you will say when they bring it up. Be sure to practice that, because you know this is going to come up again and again and again.

We have some new scripts that I recently wrote for our clients to help them with this situation, and if you’d like to check those out, go ahead and email me, debbie@exceleum.com, and I’ll be happy to share those scripts with you.

And just remember, your time is valuable. When you give your money away easily upfront, they often ask for more as the deal progresses!

So just a couple of quick tips. Number 1 – stop volunteering. Number 2 – practice your best scripts for overcoming those objections. And number 3 – don’t be upset that they asked.  Just because they ask though, doesn’t mean that they won’t pay you more.

Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy share our scripts. Just say – I would like the script for working with friends, family and past clients who are asking to cut commission.

Check out this episode!

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