Downsizing Baby Boomers #301

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I was thinking about the downsizing Baby Boomers today.

I realized, The Baby boomers are a massive generation, and what you may not know is that they own 40% of the real estate. Many of them are looking to upgrade their quality of life, diminish their overhead, unload the maintenance of owning a large house, and move in to a smaller property in a cooler location. In fact, some are even buying two smaller homes, one in their neighborhood to be close to friends, family or aging parents, and one in a different destination, maybe what in the past for them has been a vacation destination. You hear a lot about the snowbirds, right? Snowbirds move between their locations depending on the season.

The Boomer generation is not defined by their age; they see themselves and young and vibrant and on the move.

They often do express concerns about a dip in the real estate values, which is something they fear.

They may feel their home is at the top market price and if the market dips, they don’t want to wait around for the market to return.

So they may be wondering, what is the window of opportunity?

Today’s prospects, today’s Boomers, share one thing is common.

Because they have the information online and it’s easily accessible, they may start their searches well in advance of when they are ready to make a move.

So re-connect with them.

Talk to them about the opportunities that are available, nurture them so that you will have their future business, and even potentially spark them into taking action sooner!

And remember ? the Boomers were born 1946 to 1964. There is big money to me made by tapping into the downsizing Baby Boomer market.

Alright, have a great day, go find some new opportunity! I’ll talk to you soon.

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