Meet Dave Clark

Dave is internationally recognized as an innovative leader, trainer and coach for the real estate industry, known for implementing strategies for agent growth, business expansion, productivity and profitability with over 40 years of real estate industry experience.

Dave built one of the industry’s largest national real estate broker networks consisting of more than 1,000 real estate companies and delivered over 11,000 real estate leads a month, resulting in $18 billion in closed sales volume and over $360 million in closed commissions over 10 years.

Dave was instrumental in building AmeriNet Financial Systems, a computerized loan origination company, bringing brokers and lenders together into a streamlined profit center which, through a series of strategic moves that accelerated company growth, was later valued at $280 million.

As vice president of, Dave shattered production and recruiting records leading his team of 11 managers to recruit 700 new agents in 90 days generating, $3 million to the bottom line.

Serving as National Director of Recruiting for a worldwide brand, Dave created a recruiting system that generated more than 21,000 recruit prospects a year and was sent to 3,100 real estate companies across the United States and Canada. He leveraged brand business consultants and worked directly with broker/owners to convert prospects and achieve record recruiting results.

Dave was a featured speaker and guest lecturer at Notre Dame, University of Illinois and University of Alabama, presenting a lecture on ‘Creating a Successful Career in Real Estate’.

Dave’s life passion has been helping real estate and business professionals reach their goals and build successful businesses through advances in leadership, in the way people think about success, as well as the action steps necessary to make it happen.

Dave’s Accomplishments and Distinctions include:

  • Certified DISC Instructor
  • Broker/owner/manager of two multi-office groups, building two separate offices from ground up to profitability
  • Keynote speaker for top real estate brokers on  managing their brokerage to achieve exceptional results
  • Launched Costco Wholesale real estate and mortgage programs across 50 states providing thousands of real estate and mortgage leads to real estate and mortgage teams, creating millions in commissions across both industries
  • Keynote speaker for an international leadership conference for the top 40 most profitable broker/owners for an international brand.
  • Recruited and trained hundreds of real estate companies and e-commerce teams to work and convert real estate leads, dramatically increasing market share and profit.
  • Implemented the ‘Customer Service Representative’ concept, increasing conversion percentages of real estate agents by maximizing profitability through increased closings
  • Co-authored 210 Days to Successbest practices for lead incubation and conversion resulting in significant gains in conversion rates and increased commissions through incubation
  • Owned and operated real estate pre-license school teaching Real Estate Law, Practice and Principles and Real Estate Finance, creating a profit center and a steady stream of new recruits and increased sales production.